Gas and Process Sample Transport Systems for Analyzer Applications

This site is directed to industrial process and stack gas analyzer applications

It is our hope that becomes an effective resource for your own use and a place to share information with others. We have broken it down into specific high problem areas:

  • Sample collection and the connections to a preinsulated tubing bundle.
    Here we offer subsections for Stack Gas and Process Analyzers because each of these have different problem areas.
  • Preinsulated tubing bundles.
  • Sample conditioning cabinet and the connection with the tubing bundle.
  • Reference material and links to other sites you will find helpful.

We intend for this site to be continually updated and your feedback and suggestions will be instrumental in making it useful. In the future we will add discussion groups as well to facilitate sharing experiences between users.


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Accurate, Reliable Samples
Temperature maintenance of your sample line is critical to your analyzer application. Over 80% of all analyzer problems reside in the sample conditioning or transport systems. For accuracy, you must control the temperature, pressure, and flow rate across the entire length of the sample line without changing the chemical makeup of the sample to be analyzed.


Integrated Solutions Improving Process Accuracy

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