Gas and Process Sample Transport Systems for Analyzer Applications

Six sizes
With a choice of six sizes you can select a steam heater that will provide freeze protection in the winter without overheating the instrument in the summer.

Freeze protection or temperature maintenance
These heaters have been thoroughly tested in our in-house environmental chamber to verify design calculations so that reliable predictions can be made for both low and high ambient conditions.

If you need to maintain precise temperatures you can use the heater control valve (HCV) to control the enclosure temperature. It is available with set-points up to 100°C.

Corrosion resistant and efficient
Constructed from stainless steel tubing and carbon steel fins, each unit is coated with a nickel-chrome alloy after assembly. O’Brien steam heaters combine corrosion resistance and heat transfer efficiency in one unit.

Simple connections and installation
Stainless steel mounting hardware is standard with all steam heaters. They fasten the heater to the instrument mounting bracket in the enclosure. The U-bend shape of the heater simplifies connecting the steam supply and condensate return to the 3/8" NPT fittings.

A Series Electric Heaters


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