Gas and Process Sample Transport Systems for Analyzer Applications

Gas Chromatography
Keeping the sample at the same temperature and condition as it exists in the process stream ensures analyzer accuracy.

Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers
More challenging than most sample transport systems, THA have high exposure temperatures and high maintenance temperatures (above 120°C/250°F).

Continuous Emissions Monitoring
Tubing bundles for the CEM market incorporate a wide variety of configurations  typically for dry or wet extractive systems.

HRVOC Monitoring Regulations
TCEQ Rule Categories, Affected Counties, Compliance Date, and other information.


As someone once put it “the devil is in the details” and process connections, terminations, weatherproofing, and supports are devilish details in analyzer applications.  Designed and installed properly, these parts can ensure sample accuracy.  Ignored and these details can cost big money as well as pose safety and non compliance hazards.

Connection details differ as widely as the engineers who design them. In their simplest form they are commonly similar whether the sample is a gas or a liquid. Two typical details are shown below. 

These applications are unique in that stack gas is very wet and hot. You must maintain temperatures above the dew point during extraction at the sample probe and transport to the sample conditioning cabinet.

Most liquids can be handled at much lower temperatures than gas samples. In many cases, only water freeze protection is needed.

Some form of external heating must be provided to the sample line to maintain the sample integrity and prevent components in the sample from condensing out as the temperature drops below their respective dew points. To avoid the following problems, let O'Brien's experts help you with a completely thermally engineered TRACEPAK system designed for gas analyzer applications.


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Electric Heated Bundles for Analyzer/CEM Applications

Steam Heated Bundles for Analyzer Applications

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