Gas and Process Sample Transport Systems for Analyzer Applications

Maintaining the integrity of the sample stream starts with probe and finishes inside the sample cabinet. O'Brien Analytical offers a selection of enclosures for every application.

The O’Brien Vipak enclosures are available in a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of the analyzer market. Vipaks are now available in stainless steel as well as the traditional molded ABS and urethane construction.
Each style enclosure has a complete selection of mounting hardware, instrument support brackets, panels, heaters and accessories to meet your needs.
Thermoformed Vipaks are designed for winterizing and temperature maintenance applications. A full one inch (25mm) of urethane insulation is molded in place behind a UV protected ABS shell to provide consistent thermal protection for instrumentation. The neoprene gasket with an overlapping flange around the full perimeter provides protection from wash-down and driving rain. Stainless steel latches and removable hinges are standard. While they are not primarily an electrical enclosure they are available with an IP66 rating.
Where applications call for metal enclosures Vipaks are available in your choice of 304SS, 316SS, painted metal and aluminum. Each of them can be supplied insulated as well as un-insulated. Full perimeter gaskets, continuous hinges, padlock hasp and external mounting feet are standard. Metal Vipaks will meet NEMA 3, 4, 4X or 12 ratings.
Two types of one inch thick insulation panels are available for the metal enclosures: 100°C closed cell foam or foil faced fiberglass board. Our unique design for securing insulation eliminates the need to glue or pin the panels in place. The insulation panels are removable and easily trimmed to make installation of electrical and process bulkhead fittings easy.

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